Offset Speaks on Prison Riot Charge: It Was Just a Regular Altercation, Not Riot

Friday, 28 April 2017

Just weeks after his release from an 8-month stint in jail, Migos rapper Offset spoke to VladTV about the experience, including being in general population. When asked why he wasn't secluded from the other inmates due to his celebrity status, Offset simply told us that in jail he's not a celebrity. He added that a lot of inmates would come and speak with him and tell him how much they loved his music. However, it seems that not everyone was respectful, as the Atlanta rapper got into an altercation that was deemed a "riot" while in jail.

When asked about the riot situation, Offset told us that he felt like the court needed something to pin on him other than his original charges, so they called his "regular altercation" a riot. During the conversation Offset was asked about the lifestyle changes he'll need to make in order to avoid going back to jail while on his 5-year probation. He responded by telling us that he is just going to have to "move right and keep God first." To hear more of what he had to say on the situation, hit the above clip.



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