Eminem Disses Christmas (Killshot Remix) (PARODY)

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Eminem goes after the holiday season in his newest diss track from the album "A DJ Khaled Christmas." *LYRICS BELOW*

Written and Directed by comedian Brent Pella

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Cuz I f*ckin killed everybody!

It’s the hip hop grinch got Col on my wish list
Guess what kids? Santa doesn’t exist
Cuz I f*cking drowned him in the Atlantic Ocean for talking shit! (you just got dissed!)

I’ll chop the balls off of Rudolph string em up on the walls
So I guess you could say I’m bout to DICK the halls
Fa la la la la la I just banged Mrs. Clause
In a luke warm hot tub full of egg nog

Welcome to my Ted talk I fuckin hate egg nog
Noggity floggity flog eggity nog
I heard this reindeer trash talking like a bitch
He don’t know I got Blitzen wrapped up in my fridge

Out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
It’s Santa, how’s he keep getting fatter?
Kick him in the chestnuts yea that’s a nutcracker
I’m a crazy white rapper yea i’m a NutsCracker

You decorate, I decapitate
You wrap presents, I rap better than you prick
Always on the naughty list and we can all see
Santa salty I'm balls deep in Mrs. Clause jeans!

So run run run mr. gingerbread man but I’ll still make you crumb crumbs in my hand
I don’t give a damn about this wack holiday here’s why I hate Santa’s fat ass anyway
I sent a letter to the north pole as a kid
Back then I told him I only wanted one thing
An easy-bake-oven and he didn’t listen got me a motherfuckin toaster instead and now he’s dead
So let this be a lesson if your kid wants a present related to baking delicious pastries you gotta get them what they craving
Especially an easy bake oven so one day they might be able to be featured on Chef’s Table

I’ll take your partridge in a pear tree throw it in the garbage disposal and turn up the speed
Fake rappers playing happy like they buddy the elf
Bitch i’m the one who made Frosty the snowman melt

Santa - Tim De La Motte
Reindeer - Julius (aka Jules the Dog)
DP - Danny Neal
1st AC - Patrick Bellante
Crew - Rob Ryan
Vocals mixed by Rex Lee (Made Man Productions)
Produced/Edited by Brent Pella
Filmed at Shawn's Christmas Trees - Los Angeles, CA
Music: "Killshot" beat remake


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