DJ Self Tells Story Of Meeting A Strapped 50 Cent Before The Fame & Classic Freestyle Dissing Wu Tang

Friday, 28 April 2017

When 50 Cent released the single "How to Rob" in 1999, he served notice to the rest of the industry that anybody could get it when he stepped into the booth.

Around that time he was about to sign a deal with production duo, Trackmasters.

DJ Self was just getting into the business and through a mutual friend he got 50 to agree to record a freestyle for him. The only catch was that Self had to go to where the 50 was living at the time, in the heart of Southside Jamaica, Queens, New York to pick him up.

"He dresses in all black like he's about to rob somebody or something. And in my my mind I'm like 'Yo, we're just going to a home studio where my friend's mom lives.'" Self says. "So he sits in the back. He wants to sit in the back seat. We're driving, so I keep looking back, keep looking back fiddling. He pulls out a big gun. I'm like 'Yo, fam what are you bringing a gun to my man's mother's house where we got the home studio?' 50 says 'Yo, you just never could be prepared. Things is crazy out here."

Check out the rest of the hilarious story in the video above and listen to the classic freestyle 50 recorded that night.

Special shout out to DJ Self for permission to upload this video!



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