DJ Paul: Pimp C Praised Three 6 Mafia for Keeping It Real About Drug Use

Friday, 06 October 2017

In this clip, DJ Paul discusses the lean movement and particularly how it was relegated to Texas, Memphis, and Philadelphia. He then details some of his earlier days with the drug, recalling a party he threw where he passed out 2-liter bottles of lean to each of the party-goers. DJ Paul also discussed some of the adverse side effects of lean and drugs overall. DJ Paul and DJ Vlad shifted the conversation away from lean and focused on cocaine. They both agreed on the prevalence of cocaine within hip-hop circles but that people still consider it a taboo drug and therefore don't claim its use. However, DJ Paul and Three 6 Mafia weren't shy about their cocaine use, something that DJ Paul say Pimp C praised because they were rapping about their truth. Staying on the topic of cocaine, DJ Paul doesn't see how it's possible for someone to get addicted to cocaine due to the nature of the drug. To him, it's not like weed or alcohol where someone could feasibly use it every day, but if you can use coke enough to the point of addiction, DJ Paul would call you a "wild dude."



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